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My wedding trip

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blog my wedding-1I just got married!! Well on 12th of June 2010. Last year my beautiful girlfriend Nicola and I decided that it was time to tie the knot and get married. It took us a year of planning, phoning, flying and arranging all the details with Nicola’s and my family in Czech Republic and now it is all done.

You anticipate the day for so long and then it goes by so quickly that you are left wondering if it really happened. It was a great day and we had a really nice guy taking our pictures. Zdenek Dvorak from Znojmo came to Velke Karlovice to document the whole wedding. He was great and produced a very beautiful album for us.

blog my wedding-3We took 3 weeks off work and as usual we traveled to Cancun from where we had our flight to Amsterdam. From there we parted, I went directly to Czech Republic and Nicola went to UK to meet with her family and then she flew to Czech a couple of days later. We spent a few days before the wedding showing Nicola’s family the beauty of Czechland and then our friends and more family started arriving. It was great to see everybody. On Thursday, the boys went to the pub for a couple of beers and the girls stayed in the cottage that Nicola’s family rented to have their nails done (or something). On Friday we had a little get together with everybody and it was fun catching up. Then I went to bed and here it was “THE BIG DAY”.

It went very well and we think that everybody had a great time. After the wedding Nicola stayed for a couple of days and then she went to the UK and the next time I saw her was in Amsterdam airport on the way back to Cancun. On the way down to Belize we had a nice little break in Playa del Carmen where we spent 2 nights in an all-inclusive hotel on the beach. It was great to finally relax.

blog my wedding-2Now we are back in Punta Gorda (here you can see some photos from the journey and first days in work) and if I did not have the ring on my finger and photos from Zdenek, I would think that it was all just a nice dream .

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