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NSCC Trip to Belize

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1005 08 nscc san jose 023What a busy couple of weeks it has been at the end of May! Every year TIDE Tours (the company that I work for) organizes a 10 day trip to Belize for a Canadian Community Collage from Nova Scotia (NSCC for short). I’m responsible for organizing and implementing the trip. It is always a lot of work to set everything up with all the hotels, restaurants and tour operators throughout Belize but the busy part is when the students are actually here.

Making sure that 25 students get all the attention they need and that everything is running smoothly (in Belize it is quite challenging – the smooth bit at least) is almost a 24 hour a day job for those days they are here. Nevertheless the trip went well and everybody had a great time.

1005 08 cyrila chocolate tour 053I spent a couple of days with the group and my camera on the road. I was taking pictures for my own pleasure and not giving it much thought until the students started asking me if I’m a pro photographer (guy with a big looking camera with an even bigger lens must be a professional right? ) and if I will be putting the pictures on-line on my website. I told them sure I will. So now I’m thinking if they like the photos and they are back home in Canada they might want some of them to print out. And that got my head all spinning with ideas how I should go about it. After a while I settled on the plan that I will create a sub-domain on my website and I will upload the galleries of pictures from the trip directly from my Lightroom to the website.

Now when I’m putting up this blog, it has been a month from the time that I put it all together. So far I haven’t had any takers on the pictures but I have had a lot of visits to my website. Well I guess that we all have to start with the baby steps :-) 

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