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New Wide Angle Lens

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I have always wanted a super wide angle lens. I love the images that it can produce. I had my kit lens that was 17mm to 85mm but with the small chip in my camera it really could not produce the effects that I always wanted.

A couple months back this lens started giving me trouble and I need to send it to Canon for repair. Well from Belize that proves to be a little difficult. I thought about it long and hard and came to the decision that with my limited funds I should invest in the super wide angle lens.

Two weeks ago my lovely fiancée Nicola brought it for me from the UK. I went for a Sigma 10mm-20mm instead of the Canon 10mm-22mm because of the price and also because I have read so many great reviews about it. The same day that Nicola arrived home I went out and started taking pictures of anything I could

My two dogs were playing in the yard, with their new toys, and they became my subject for that afternoon’s photography. The first thing I had to get use to was how close I have to get to them! They found it great fun trying to lick the lens when I got too close (good thing that I have a UV filter for it as well). It is simply amazing what you can do with the lens. I love it! It was quite amusing looking at the photographs afterwards, especially the ones where the dogs got very close and their noses became long and stretched! I am still practicing with the lens and will post an update soon, along with some more photos.

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Karel Kuran

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