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My Images exhibited in a local gallery

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print-on-show-in-local-galleryThings have been busy recently. I re-designed my website and now I’m displaying my images in a local gallery. This blog is about how I got involved with the gallery and what I had to do to be able to present my work to the public.

I have wanted to display my work in local galleries for a long time now but I never went any further than discussing it with my wife. One day Nicola (my wife) came back from town and put a business card in front of me. It was a card for the Blue Indigo Gallery http://www.blueindigogallery.co.uk. We go shopping there when we need a present for family and friends. They sell loads of beautiful products that are locally made.

When I asked why she has their card she replied “I spoke to them about your pictures and they are interested in having a look and possibly displaying and selling them for you” When I picked myself up off the floor I went to my computer muttering “Thank you” to Nicola on the way.

My head was buzzing with questions but I had very few answers for them. What images will I show them, what size of images do I want to display, what frames should I use; should I use any frames?? Where do I get mounts, backing boards and bags for packaging?

print-on-show-in-local-gallery 2The first thing was to choose images that would impress them so they would agree to display my work. After a couple of hours I had a clear idea of which images to show them. I put an e-mail together and e-mailed them some of my images. Two days later I got an e-mail back from the Blue Indigo Gallery saying that they like my work and they would be interested in meeting me with the prints so we can discuss further plans.

I had to get things moving quickly at that point. The tourist season was just starting and I did not want to miss it. I had already selected the images that I would like to display so the next step was to send them to the printers, order frames and mounts (I decided that I would have some framed images and the rest will be in mounts with backing board and packaged in clear bags).

One week later everything was ready and I went to have a meeting with the gallery owner. The meeting went well and they agreed to display my images. I was very happy, as you can imagine. What made me even happier was the cheque that arrived in the post the following month from the gallery - they had sold some of my mounted prints!!!

If you find yourself in Teignmouth and you are wondering through town, go and visit the Blue Indigo Gallery in the town centre, where you can view a selection of my images.  Alternatively, you can have a look at my online shop.


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Karel Kuran

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