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After four years I decided that it was time for a new website. I liked my old website but there were always things that I could not do or features that I could not have. I’m using Joomla open source CMS so that I can edit the website myself. I have stayed with it but I have upgraded to Joomla 3 (from 1.5, which is quite old now).

new website blogThere were two main reasons for the upgrade:

1; I wanted to have an online shop where I could sell my images as prints

2; Smart phones and tablets! I wanted my website to be able to recognize and adjust itself for mobile phones and tablets.

Joomla 3 offered both features so one evening I went looking for a designer that could migrate/rebuild my existing website to Joomla 3. I put an advert on a freelance designer site  and I had a few offers in just a couple of hours (those guys never sleep!!). I picked a guy called Tim Lord  from Newquay, Cornwall, UK. He proposed a reasonable price and had some great ideas on how to change the website but keep the theme and main features the same (just as I liked it).

We shook hands (not literally) on the deal and he went to work. Two days later I had a basic version of my site up and live on Tim’s server.  It took a week or so of tweaking and adjusting to get the website done.

I spent the next month filling the website with my pictures and other items that had been published on my old site. Some of you who know my older pages might say that it is the same, but I can assure you that this website is much better. It might look a little similar but that was my intention. I like the design and I believe that there is a saying “if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it!”

NOW the new features:

As I mentioned at the beginning I have an online shop. Customers can purchase my images right here and make a payment with super secure PayPal without any worries. It is worth having a look at my shop pages to see if anything catches your eye. I offer different sized prints, mounted or framed.

My website is now dynamic and will adjust to any medium that you are viewing it on. I really like that. It also does not contain Flash, so even Apple guys can see everything as it should be.

Blog is part of the website. This was not the case on my old site. I only had blogs on . That was good (and still is, as I’m still going to post my blogs there too) but I like to keep everything on my site.

Social media! You can now find Twitter and Facebook feeds directly on my pages as well as new blog feeds.

My portfolio changed and I’m still in process of working on it (I think that will always  be the case).

So if have not done already, please have a look and browse my new site. I would love to hear what you think!




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Karel Kuran

Karel Kuran is landscape photographer living in South West of England. He is member of The Royal Photographic Society.