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Week of Life Project and Me

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Weeek1 SundaySmFor those of you who visit my website you will have seen that a couple of weeks ago I put up a new section on the front page called WEEK OF LIFE (WOL). This is a new project that I became part of in July. So what is the Week of Life Project? It is an international project where people from around the world post 9 of their pictures for each day for an entire week.You can do just one week or one month or you can do a whole year if you like. There are no limits on how many weeks you can post. The key is to capture your entire day in pictures.

Week2 TuesdayThe whole idea behind the project came from Czech photographer Adolf Zika. He had the original idea and spent the next year documenting his life. The final outcome of his project was astonishing. You can literally follow him every day seeing what he does and where he goes. And it is all done in the best visual form –photography. Later he created a website called Week of Life, where anybody from anywhere around the world can post their weeks and people can see what life is like in other places on our planet. At the moment the project has participants from 31 countries and has close to 900 weeks recorded, and these numbers are constantly growing.

I heard about the project from my wedding photographer, Zdenek Dvorak, when he was shooting my wedding in June 2010. He talked about it during the wedding and asked me if I would like to be part of it. It sounded very interesting and since I’m living in Belize at the moment and there is nobody from Belize who is part of the project I went ahead and started documenting my days. Right now I’m working on week 10 and there is no sign of me stopping.

Week3 SaturdayThis project is not only very interesting but I feel that it also helps me to develop some new photography techniques that I would normally do. For example my biggest interest is landscape photography so that was what I was doing for many years, but with this project I have started to take more pictures of people and just casual surroundings and that brought new challenges for me to overcome. Also being part of the project means that you have your camera next to you for 24 hours a day. And that alone allowed me to get some shots that I would normally have missed because I would not normally have had my camera with me.

Recently I have been interviewed by WOL about living in Belize as a Czech citizen and what are the challenges and benefits of this developing country. You can read the interview in English and in Czech on the WOL website.Week4 Thursday

I have to say than when I started, I looked on the project as something I would do for myself, not thinking that other people would be interested in spending time looking at the pictures from my life. But the human nature is a very curious one and I’m having loads of feedback about my pictures from my friends, family and also from people who just come across my WOL on Facebook or my website.

Well thank you very much to all of the WOL team for making this experience possible and also thank you for reading. I will be looking forward to hearing your comments and seeing your weeks of life very soon!


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Karel Kuran

Karel Kuran is landscape photographer living in South West of England. He is member of The Royal Photographic Society.