1304-11 Water babies


Water Babies pictures

My wife and I have been taking our son to Water Babies classes since he was 8 weeks old. He absolutely loves it. Once we started taking him underwater, I wanted to capture the moment of him floating completely submerged.

I spoke to a couple of our friends who also take their children swimming and we rented a small pool for a couple of hours. I arrived a little early to set up the lighting for the photo-shoot. I had a flash gun on a tripod on the side of the pool pointing in the water, I placed an underwater video light on my right hand side on the bottom of the pool pointing at the location of my little underwater models and I had an underwater LED torch on my left pointing to the wall to get a little bounce light on the side. I used a Canon underwater camera with a Sea & Sea underwater strobe attached to the left hand side of the camera.

The whole shoot went great and we got some amazing images.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel where you can see the GoPro time-lapse video of the shoot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAgfeDJ5ftc