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Collections are where I upload sets of images from different photo shoots, and these are typically little picture stories that I capture during every day life.

In these collections you get to see the world from my view point through the camera lens as I wander around and capture moments as they pass me by.

The list of collections is long and ever growing, and ranges from an underwater photo shoot with babies to an Ironman competition in North Devon. 

1304-11 Baby Swimming-0081304-11 Baby Swimming1209-26 Jazz Night-011209-26 Jazz Night1208-04 Olympics London 2012-0611208-04 Olympics London 2012

1206-17 Ironman Wimbleball Lake-0091206-17 Ironman Wimbleball Lake


1101 15 Race at Mikes Farm 2001101 15 Race at Mikes Farm

 1010 22 Sunrise Teignmouth 0931010-22 Golden Hour